UCS Link Shortener

AKA.nycourts.gov - A Link Shortener Service

AKA ("Also Known As") allows you to create shortened website links that are easier to type, text, or read verbally. Some links, especially those for online meetings or other advanced functionality can be extremely long and difficult to type. The links created by AKA are generally under 25 characters long, making them much easier to read over the phone or to send via text messages.

Links use letters and numbers selected to be unambiguous for users to read or type. For example, generated URL's never contain the letter "O" and the number "0" or the letter "l" and the number "1". The site will translate commonly misread characters so the links will still work regardless of whether the user enters a zero or the letter O.

Generated links also provide a QR Code which can be included on print documents allowing users to scan a barcode with their cell phone camera instead of typing the URL in manually.

For security reasons, links are only permitted to certain approved websites. Sites that are fully trusted or under Court control permit direct linking. Some third party sites will present the user with a confirmation page before redirecting them. If you need to add a link to a site not in the Allowed Sites list, please contact the Help Center.

To get started, please login with the email and password you use to access your Courts email account.